CSVŠ is again a proud partner of the ICCOLE 2022 conference

The conference is traditionally organised by the Institute of Lifelong Learning at MENDELU (Mendel University in Brno) and will take place on 7 September 2022 in Brno.

This year we commemorate the 430th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding pedagogical personality Jan Amos Komenský. His timeless ideas are also relevant in the current form of education, not only in the Czech Republic. He emphasised not only the understanding of education as a lifelong process that affects all aspects of our lives, but also the equality in education that is so widely discussed today. He strived for education for all, regardless of age, nationality, talent, physical or mental health. His ideas thus bring us to the themes that are also mentioned in the 2030+ Education Strategy.

The abstract should be submitted by 15.5.

How has Comenius’ idea of “omnes, omnia, omnio”, i.e. to teach everyone, everything, universally at different levels/spheres of education, developed historically and is currently being implemented?

The above question raises sub-topics resonating in all areas of the education sphere, which will be discussed across the different sessions:

  • the vision and objectives of the Czech education policy in the context of the EU and ways to implement them,
  • the objectives, content and outcomes of education,
  • the shape and transformation of the content of education,
  • innovations in education,
  • financing the education system and ensuring its stability,
  • reducing inequalities in access to quality education,
  • education for diverse target groups,
  • support for education workers,
  • general versus professional education,
  • competences needed for active civic, professional and personal life,
  • education and labour market requirements.

The conference is intended for higher education teachers, researchers, counsellors, managers, master’s or doctoral students, staff in the field of continuing professional and leisure education, including the wider professional public.

The conference languages are Czech, Slovak and English.

The output of the conference will be a peer-reviewed collection of papers. Participants also have the opportunity to submit an extended paper for publication in the peer-reviewed journal Lifelong Learning.

For more information visit https://www.icolleconference.cz/