Study failure with respect to transition from secondary school to university – SNOP

The main research objective of the project, subsidized by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the Omega program is to identify the reasons of study failure of students at chosen technical faculties of universities with special focus on students in and after the first year of study. The ground of the project is the issue of the transition between secondary school and university in terms of content of education and preparation for the first year of the study at the university. We find the following queries fundamental:

  • How do the universities (not) reflect different state of preparedness of the students coming from different types of secondary schools?
  • How and to what extent is this students’ preparedness influenced by secondary schools these students are coming from?
  • How does the insufficent reflection/ cooperation between secondary schools and universities influence the study failure?

Related aim is to establish a systematic and continuous discussion between secondary schools and universities using feedback from students. The research team will put emphasis on cooperation with three secondary schools (one “Gymnasium” – comprehensive secondary school and two technical secondary schools) and three faculties of technical universities.


Commencement: March 2018

Conclusion: July 2020


48 = EHEA