SNOP – “Studijní neúspěšnost s ohledem na přechod ze střední na vysokou školu“

 “Study failure with regard to the transition from high school to higher education institution”


The main research aim of the project supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the ETA programme is to identify causes of student failure at selected technical HEI’s faculties, especially the causes of failure in the first year or after the first year of the study. The focus is on the transition from high school to a HEI in terms of the teaching and preparation content for freshman students at HEIs. The following questions are substantial for us:

• How do HEIs (not) reflect different preparedness of students, who come from different high schools?
• How is student preparedness influenced by the high school they studied?
• How does the lack of reflection/cooperation between HEIs and high schools affect failure of students?

Another aim is to establish a continuous discussion between high schools and HEIs, using feedback from students. The research team will place emphasis on the cooperation with three high schools and three technical faculties of HEIs.

Start: March 2018
End: July 2020


48 = EHEA