Ing. Radim Ryška, Ph.D.

Director of CHES

739 203 722

For a long time, Radim Ryška has been focusing on the relationship between higher education and society, specifically the demand for graduates on the labour market, the evaluation of their gained education and the functioning of higher education systems. Prior to CHES, he worked for more than 15 years in the Education Policy Centre of the Charles University. He has extensive experience with projects and research. Furthermore, he worked at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and at the Technical University in Brno.


Mgr. Michaela Šmídová, Ph.D.

Deputy Director

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Michaela Šmídová focuses on values of students, classification and ranking of HEIs and the social cohesion of Czech society in the European context. Moreover, she also deals with statistical data processing and analysis. She studied anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University. After five years of working as a researcher at CESES FSV UK she joined CHES in 2010.


Marta Šlemendová


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Research team

Ing. Josef Beneš, CSc.

739 203 726

Josef Beneš deals with institutional and programmatic diversification, three-cycle degree structure in connection with the success of studies or the cooperation of HEIs with external partners. In the nineties he worked in a group of HEIs and science at MEYS, at Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and at the Institute of Thermomechanics Czech Academy of Sciences. During this time, he also supported the establishment of joint workplaces of Czech Academy of Sciences institutes and HEIs for educating students, especially Ph.D. students. He participated in many project and research teams.


Mgr. et Mgr. Jan Beseda, Ph.D.

(also, data protection officer GDPR)

739 203 725

Jan Beseda graduated in media studies and anthropology at the Charles University and he has been working in CHES for more than 10 years. His focus is on the quality of education, media anthropology, cyber-anthropology and the impact of information and communication technologies on tertiary education. He leads the National Centre for Distance Education and is involved in many international projects. Furthermore, he organizes the DisCo conference devoted to the digitization of education and is the deputy chairman of the Czech Association of Distance Teaching Universities.


Dr. Filip Bláha

739 203 725

Filip Bláha completed a postgraduate study in economics and social history at TU Dresden. Before coming to CHES he was a lecturer and consultant on European funds. Some of his interests are EU’s social and educational policy, grant support for research, development and innovation and project management.


PhDr. Mgr. Karel Hanuš, Ph.D

Karel Hanuš focuses on the policy on educational issues of the European Commission. Prior to that, he worked at the Charles University rectorate in the Department of Analyses and Strategies. He graduated in sociology and Ibero-American Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, and during his Ph.D. study in sociology at the same faculty he focused on the Swedish welfare state.


Mgr. Lucie Hündlová

Lucie Hündlová focuses on the access to tertiary education. She dealt with the influence of students on making decisions at HEIs. She studied demography at Faculty of Science, Charles University. Since 2008 she works for CHES and currently she is fully dedicated to parenting.


Mgr. Jan Kohoutek, Ph.D.

739 203 725

During the fifteen years of working for CHES, Jan Kohoutek is mostly involved in the research on quality assurance mechanisms, the role of HEIs in society and the implementation of higher education policies in general. He participated in several significant international projects (EU, OECS, Norway Grants) and published the results in the following international, peer-reviewed journals: Higher Education Policy, Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, Higher Education Quarterlyand Quality in Higher Education. He earned a Ph.D. in public and social policy at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University.


Ing. Jana Korečková

739 203 725

Jana Korečková joined CHES in 2018 with experience in a completely different field (finance – insurance), an open mind, strong analytical thinking skills, consistency and persistence. She has the courage and desire to discover original solutions and new ways, which will be truly useful and practical for the society as a whole, schools, companies, individuals, and she is honest in the search process.


Mgr. Vítězslav Lounek

739 203 725

Vítězslav Lounek works for CHES since the year 2019. Prior to CHES, he focused on the system of educating social service workers at the Fond for Further Education, a funded organization of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Currently, he deals with quantitative data analysis and methodology of social sciences. He graduated in social informatics at the Masaryk University and in sociology at the University of West Bohemia.


Ing. Libor Prudký, Ph.D.

Libor Prudký is a coauthor of the summarizing publication From elite to universal education 1989-2009 about Czech HEIs and of many publications dedicated to the sociology of values. He engages in empirical sociology and sociological research on values and norms of behavior. Furthermore, he focused on the sociology of education and the three-cycle degree structure. He has been working in CHES since 2010.


Ing. Vladimír Roskovec, CSc.

739 203 726

Until 1989 Vladimír Roskovec engaged in research on physics, since 1990 he was an Executive Director and later the first Deputy Minister at MEYS. For a long time, he has been focusing on the functioning of higher education systems in the Czech Republic, their financing and quality assurance. In 2002 he joined CHES, where he also was Deputy Director.


Mgr. Jan Sedláček, Ph.D.

739 203 725

Jan Sedláček works for CHES since 2018 and is involved in projects focusing on examining unsuccessfulness of HEI’s students and the employment of HEI’s graduates on the labour market. He studied European Studies at the Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics, Prague. He also engages in administration and management of HEIs.


PhDr. Marián Sekerák, Ph.D.

739 203 725

Marián Sekerák studied political science at the Matej Bel University (Slovak Republic) and graduated at the Institute of Political Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (Czech Republic). He gives lectures at The College AMBIS and he also provides political analysis. He specializes in political theory, theory of democracy, diplomatic activities of the Holy See and some theological questions. In 2016 he was on a research stay at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and in 2018 he was a trainee at the European Parliament.


Ing. Helena Šebková, CSc.

739 203 726

Helena Šebková is one of the experts on quality assurance at HEIs, institutional and programmatic diversification and the three-cycle degree structure. She also deals with the cooperation between HEIs and external partners. She has led major international projects. Furthermore, she was a long-time Director of CHES and the editor in chief of the journal AULA.


Mgr. Karel Šima, Ph.D.

For a long time, Karel Šima has been involved in various areas of higher education research and policy, especially the massification of the higher education system, Humboldtian model of higher education, ethnographies of higher education, quantitative aspects of the higher education system, funding and evaluation of science and more. He is a coauthor of three monographs concerning these topics and a number of journal studies. Furthermore, he worked as an expert for MEYS, European Commission, Czech universities, etc. and participated in many international research and expert projects. He works for CHES as an external collaborator.


Support team


Ing. Ljubov Hadáčková

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Ing. Jan Koller, Ph.D.



Josef Volmut

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