We have been involved in higher education research for more than a quarter-century. We deal with basic and applied research in higher education. Findings from the basic research are used in projects and contracts for state administration, local administration, universities and other. We examine a wide range of topics:


Higher education systems and their functioning:

  • changes in tertiary education strategies and concepts,
  • implementation of higher education policies,
  • problems of quality evaluation in tertiary education,
  • evaluation of HEIs and their internal quality assurance systems
  • financing of higher education systems,
  • institutional and programme diversification,
  • three-cycle degree structure,
  • management and decision-making at HEIs,
  • mapping of creative activities at HEIs,
  • sociology of education.

International dimension of tertiary education:

  • Bologna Process – the creation of the European Higher Education Area,
  • European Commission, OECD and UNESCO activities in the area of higher education,
  • internationalization of tertiary education,
  • international mobility of students.

Problems of HEI students:

  • the impact of the demographic development on tertiary education
  • problems of HEI students’ value
  • employment of graduates in the labour market
  • access to tertiary education,
  • the role of students in management and decision-making at HEIs.

Third role of HEIs:

  • cooperation of HEIs with employers,
  • advisory activities of HEIs,
  • cooperation with other actors: cities, regions and the non-profit sector.

Digitization of tertiary education:

  • the impact of ICT technologies in tertiary education,
  • development of control information systems,
  • transformation of LMS systems,
  • the impact of social networks on education.

We use qualitative as well as quantitative methods in our research. We also deal with statistical data processing and analysis.


We publish the journal Aula – Journal for Higher Education and Science Policy, which is the only journal for this research area in the Czech Republic.