“Zahraniční mobilita pracovníků vysokých škol“

Foreign Mobility of higher education institutions´ (HEIs’) Employees


Project partners:

Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES)

Jan Amos Komenský University Prague (UJAK)


Project period: 2008 – 2009

Project support: Národní program výzkumu II (“National research programme ll”)


A brief description of the project

Internationalization of HEIs has been one of the HEIs’ activities throughout their existence. It is based on the essence of education: only a small part of education can be national and no part of it can be without international comparisons. The secretiveness of HEIs towards other HEIs and cultures represents a barrier to the possibilities of fulfilling their basic functions. The development of internationalization of HEIs is therefore a part of quality improvement of education. Therefore, it needs to be examined in a broad context, which, on one hand, involves the general problem of education development and, on the other hand, the development of evaluation criteria for comparing (including international) quality of education at different HEIs, or in individual states.


The goals and planned results of the project therefore aimed directly at improving the mobility quality of academic staff (management and organization) and improving the organizational culture of HEIs. The project introduced performance criteria for comparison of HEIs and included economic aspects of mobility. One of the main project results, Příručka pro zahraniční mobilitu (“Handbook for foreign mobility”), which optimizes procedures for the implementation of mobilities, is valid beyond the period of the project. Another important project result was a research report on the current state of mobility of HEI teachers in the Czech Republic. Both of these results were based on conclusive statistical data and on objectively processed qualitative data on existing ways of solving problems related to the mobility of academic staff in the Czech Republic and abroad.



The main project result was a handbook for foreign mobility of academic staff and a final research report. Other useful results describe mobility of academic staff in Poland, the higher education system in Vietnam and possibilities of cooperation with Czech HEIs and activities of foreign departments at American universities, including the mobility of their academic staff.


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Other materials created within the ZMOVYS project are available at CHES.