PERIF – The contribution of higher education institutions to strengthen socio-economic development of peripheral regions in Norway and the Czech Republic “


Start: 1 July 2014

End: 30 April 2017


The basic research objective of the project (supported from the Czech-Norwegian Research Programme) was to identify, assess and strengthen the possible ways of mutual influence and collaboration between regions and higher education institutions performing in these regions. The main aim was to help strengthen local development processes by critically analysing regional dynamics and strategic imperatives and the ways in which these are being addressed (or not) by higher education institutions In so doing, the basis for long-term collaboration between regional actors at various levels and higher education institutions was developed and supported. 

Here you can find more information about the PERIF project.


IQAT – “Enhancing Capacites in Implementation of Institutional Quality Assurance Systems and Typology Using Bologna Process Principles”

A project with the focus on enhancing higher education quality in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.


Start: 15 October 2015

End: 15 October 2017


The project supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union focused on enhancing capacities in implementation of Bologna process reforms at institutional level at HEIs in two Central Asian partner countries – Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, with the emphasis on internal quality assurance and institutional typology. For more information about the project please see here.



IBAR – “Identifying barriers in promoting the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance at institutional level and making recommendations as to how these might be addressed”


Start: 1 January 2011

End: 31 December 2013


Assuring quality of teaching and learning activities is the quintessential task that HIEs must face in an increasingly competitive national and international environment. Adoption of the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) in 2005 has added new momentum to research in the quality assurance policy domain. The aim of this project was to fill in the gap between theoretical and empirical knowledge about this area.

Here you can find more about the project IBAR.


VĚŽ –  „Věda pro život, život pro vědu“

Science for Life, Life for Science


Start: 1 January 2014

End: 30 June 2015


The quintessential aim of the project was the systematic preparation of human resources at high schools and HEIs for targeted and methodical support of education in science and technology, with the focus on the Ústí nad Labem and Karlovy Vary Region. Further education of academic (scientific-pedagogical and research) staff at HEIs in research and development management, its popularization and dissemination of results into practice, was aimed to prepare these human resources for targeted and methodical support of high school, tertiary professional schools and possibly also primary school teachers.

For more information about the project please see here.


SPAV – “Spolupráce technických fakult veřejných vysokých škol s podniky a dalšími experty se zaměřením na bakalářské studijní programy“

„Cooperation of technical faculties of public universities with enterprises and other experts focused on bachelor degree programmes “


Start: 2008

End: 2009


The main aim of the project was to identify and promote good practice examples of cooperation between technical HEIs and faculties and practitioners in creating and realising bachelor and/or the following levels of degree programmes. The project was based on the recommendation of OECD experts from 2006 for deepening the cooperation between HEIs and practitioners. The main result was the monograph including research results from all areas of the project and partial results were published as articles in peer-reviewed journals.

For more information about the project SPAV please see here.


ZMOVYS – “Zahraniční mobilita pracovníků vysokých škol“

„Foreign Mobility of higher education institutions´ (HEIs’) Employees”


Start: 2008

End: 2009


Internationalization of HEIs has been one of the HEIs’ activities throughout their existence. It is based on the essence of education: only a small part of education can be national and no part of it can be without international comparisons. The secretiveness of HEIs towards other HEIs and cultures represents a barrier to the possibilities of fulfilling their basic functions. The development of internationalization of HEIs is therefore a part of quality improvement of education. As such, it needs to be examined in a broad context.

For more information about the ZMOVYS project please see here.


ETER II – “Implementing and disseminating the European Tertiary Education Register”


Start: 1. 8. 2015

End: 31. 7. 2017


The aim of the project was the implementation of the European Tertiary Education Register, including expert support for the national statistical authority (MEYS) in the annual collection of data, control of delivered data, their handing over to the coordinator, consultation with the coordinator on data verification and expert support in the Czech educational system. It also included cooperation on the dissemination of project results and national support for the use of registry data.

The project was coordinated by the Universita della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland, and partners were Universita Roma La Sapienza (Italy), NIFU – Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research Education (Norway), Joanneum Research (Austria) and expert consultants from all EU countries.

The European Tertiary Education Register is available at


Developing Media Literacy in Public Education: A Regional Priority in a Mediatized Age


Start: September 2015

End: August 2016


The project focused on the implementation of education in media literacy and media education in educational systems of the countries in the Visegrád Group. It examined theories along with curricula and classroom practice, then issued national recommendations, created international proposals and forums suitable for interactive exchange of experience, as well as the development of the international knowledge base.



Developing Media Literacy in Public Education: A regional priority in a Mediatized Age


„Posuny v regionálních hodnotových strukturách ve společnosti České republiky jako základ pro účinné zaměření rozvoje trhu práce, poklesu nezaměstnanosti a minimalizaci sociálního vyloučení“

“Shifts in regional value structures of the society of the Czech Republic as a basis for effective labour market development, decreasing the unemployment rate and minimizing social exclusion “


Start: January 2014

End: December 2015


The main aim of the project was to characterise the status and development of value structures in the society of the Czech Republic, especially in regions that have for long been facing an unfavourable socio-economic situation, particularly in the Moravian-Silesian, Ústí nad Labem and Karlovy Vary Region, eventually in some smaller problematic regions (for example: Jesenicko, Bruntálsko, etc.), and at the same time compare adopted and “good” values, which we consider as a source for finding ways to positively oriented social learning and tools for such learning. The modelling of “good values” and ways to them, compared to values adopted in practice, will serve as a central basis for framing social work, employment policy and minimizing social exclusion.


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