Conference Higher Education and Czech Society in the Last 100 Years and How to Continue

The conference held on the occasion of the celebrations of 100 years of Czech statehood will provide an opportunity for reflection on the role and position of HEIs and higher education in society and the challenges faced by HEIs and higher education.

The conference is organized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, together with the Centre for Higher Education Studies and it will be held on November 1, 2018 at the National Library of Technology in Prague.

Morning session

Four personalities of university, social, cultural and economic life will give their opinion on the role of higher education in society followed by panel discussion. The extent of the topics for their performance will be broad enough to provide them with opportunity to express their opinions and views on the role of higher education in the society in a wide range of dimensions (education, research, cooperation with the region, the business sphere …), its up-to-now development and its future.


Afternoon session

Four parallel workshops followed by panel discussion will be held in the afternoon enabling their participants to share and confront different views and present visions of further posible ways, approaches and attitudes to selected areas of higher education.


The topics of these workshops should take their final shape thanks to web discussion to which you are cordially invited. Please feel welcome to send your posts (as well as any questions) to the discussion to the address


The wider reflected and discussed areas can be, but are not limited to following:


  • The role/ position of HEIs in different phases of the development of the socieaty and motivations for their future performance
  • Students and their activities – changes during 100 years. Form, structure and orientation of student activities; content of „student life“, participation of students on the public life
  • Quality of HEIs and its perception in the eyes of the public; e.g. quality of education and research, the quality of the school‘s influence on the society and and its functions
  • Changes in the financing / legislative / institutional framework and how they created conditions for the functioning of universities

Four parallel workshops will be held in the afternoon enabling sharing and confrontation of different views and visions of further ways in several areas of the higher education.


Conference web site will be created to discuss these and further topics one by one, where delivered opinions will be published. We will try to host life discussions on wide spectrum of themes important for development of the whole higher education and higher education system. We will be pleased, if the reflection of the topics assists to better understanding of substantial phenomenons in all the layers from personal, expert up to the strategy level of faculties, colleges and universities, ministry of education and even multi-branch – and a comprehensive interconnected picture of different topics, components and the high education system as the whole and its position and role in the life of the dynamically developing society and of the individual starts to be developed.


The aim of the conference


In addition to a dignified contribution to the celebration of the Czech statehood, to support the interest in higher education and the public debate about it, to open a discussion about the potential of higher education for society and about the ways to its use.


Term: 1. 11. 2018

Morning session starting from 9.15 a.m.

Afternoon session starting from 1.30 p.m.

Place: Czech National Library of Technology


27 years of CHES


48 = EHEA