AULA is a peer-reviewed scientific journal for academic and scholarly policies, which focuses on both the publication of original research papers in the field of higher education and science and the current debate on university and science policy. It usually runs twice a year and from 2016, the AULA is published electronically.


AULA publishes professional studies whose subject matter is higher education and science. Such research is interdisciplinary, and therefore AULA accepts contributions based on a wide range of theoretical and methodological focus – sociology, political science, economics, history, statistics, demography, pedagogy, psychology and others.


AULA´s aim is to monitor systematically national and international development in higher education and science research.


AULA provides space for discussions on topical issues of higher education and science. It publishes experiences, discussion papers, and controversies about current changes in higher education and science. AULA tries to respond to hot topics that are not only interesting for experts but also for academicians, students and public.


Overview of texts in Aula in English language including links is awailable here: