48 = EHEA

48 countries are part of the Bologna process!

It was already in 1999 when 29 European ministers of education initiated the Bologna process with their signatures under the Bologna Declaration. It is one of voluntary processes on the European level (but beyond the European Union). Currently it is implemented in 48 countries.

Thus the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) was defined and started its activity in 2010. Every 2 to 3 years conferences of ministers are held to evaluate the development of the EHEA and to jointly approve further future steps.

From the very outset the Bologna process has been built on the idea of enhancing competitive ability, attractiveness and common cultural and social values of the European higher education. A similarly structured system of degree programmes (bachelor, master and doctoral) and easily understandable study programmes and degrees are designed to lead to support and facilitate international mobility of both: students as well as graduates. The quality of the education played a crucial role from the very beginning of the process as well.

The Czech Republic is one of the founding members of the Bologna process. One of the newest members is Belarus. But also e.g. Kazakhstan is one of the members.