Logo konference Opportunities and risks of distance education
23rd - 25th June 2010, Pilsen, Czech Republic

Call for papers

The aim of the international DisCo 2010 conference is to provide an academic platform for sharing ideas, experience and research relevant to the fields of distance education. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Distance education systems and theories
    • Philosophy and theory of distance education
    • Globalisation of education and cross-cultural aspects
    • Distance education systems and institutions
    • Inter-university co-operation
    • Research methods in distance education and knowledge transfer
  • Management, organization, and technology
    • Innovation and change
    • Quality assurance
    • Cost and benefits
    • Professional development and faculty support
    • Learner support service
    • Educational technology
    • Management and organization
  • Teaching and learning in distance education
    • Learner characteristics, access and equity
    • Distance education and instructional design
    • Constructivism, connectivism, and person-centered learning
    • Virtual learning
    • Interaction and communication in learning communities
    • Design and development of study materials

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