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Research Department

Contact CHES RNDr. Vladimír Roskovec, CSc.
CHES - Research department
U Dvou srpů 2/2024
150 00 Praha 5
tel.: +420 257 011 322
fax: +420 257 532 409
e-mail: roskovec@csvs.cz

In general, the Research department is occupied with basic and applied research in the area of higher education, the main focus of CHES. In recent years, the fundamental framework of its research had been provided by two research plans: CEZ:J26/99:997400001 “Development and perspective needs of tertiary education in CR” (2000-2004) and MSM0023775201 “Tertiary education in the knowledge society” (2005-2011).

An overview of the research results achieved within both research plans has been published in the annual reports of CHES. Published studies, books, monographs, articles in journals and other research results are available here.

Research results and gained knowledge have been used in various projects and contracts, in processing of materials for public administration and other potential applicants and they have provided a valuable background for other activities of CHES.

The orientation of CHES research activities after 2012 was specified in the Long-term research plan. It takes up the themes of the former research plan while paying attention to the general needs of higher education in the context of national and international development. The plan sets seven priority research areas:

  1. Transition to universal higher education
  2. Quality assurance in higher education
  3. Research functions of higher education institutions
  4. Students and their social conditions
  5. Demographic development and its consequences for Czech higher education.
  6. Diversification, typology, structured higher education in the international perspective and the situation in the Czech higher education
  7. Higher education institutions and their changing relations to the society

Monitoring of international and especially European developments in the field of higher education focuses on Bologna process Link, activities of the European Commission, higher education policies of OECD Link and UNESCO Link etc. CHES researchers cooperate with many similar research centres in other European countries and they are active members of research associations and societies (The European Higher Education Society (EAIR Link), Consortium of Higher Education Researchers (CHER Link), Higher Education Development Association (Hedda Link).

The core activities of the Research department have been financed both from the institutional grant for research and development and from national and international projects. On the national level, the most important current project is “Mass higher education in an institutional perspective: ethnography of university departments in the Czech Republic Link” (GAČR P404/11/0127, 2011-2013).

In the years 2004-2009, CHES was an international coordinator of multilateral project OECD “Thematic Review of Tertiary EducationLink. Currently CHES coordinates the international project “Identifying Barriers in Promoting the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance at Institutional LevelLink (IBAR).

An important part of the research and development infrastructure is publishing the journal AULA Link. This revue for higher education and research policy is the only journal in the Czech Republic devoted to the research of higher education.

The Research department also participates in other activities of CHES (specified by the Act on public research institutions and listed in the CHES statute), according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Link (CHES founder) and possibly by other ministries and/or other national bodies. These involve mainly short-term and applied research or development or monitoring works. The Research department may also deal with the requests of the representative bodies of higher education institutions, individual universities or other institutions of public administration.

The following thematic areas are current priorities:

  • Mapping of the „creative activities“ of universities
  • Relationships between higher education and other sectors of educational system
  • Analysis of the evaluations of universities and/or faculties by the Accreditation Commission during the passed 5 years
  • Analysis of the results of projects U-map Link and U-multirank Link
Noticeable among other current activities and projects of CHES is “Regional coordinator network: support of scientific and technical studies, region Ústí nad Labem Link.”

The knowledge obtained from the research in higher education and the outcomes of other activities are further used in preparation of important conceptual and strategic materials, enabling CHES to produce such documents on the high professional level.

The results of research and development provide prerequisites for other activities of CHES, such as education, interdisciplinary consulting, educative-informational and administrative services. In these activities and in organising conferences, seminars and workshops focused on actual issues of the tertiary education, the Research department cooperates with the National Centre for Distance Education Link and with the Czech National Academic Recognition Information Centre Link.